Original New Age, Rock/Pop and Progressive arrangements based on melodic and innovative textures.

Music is written, arranged and performed by Brad Savage with featured guests and lyricists.

CD Releases:

Looking Back In Time [available on all major music websites]

A second CD release is scheduled for December 2012 - FACES OF A CLOWN - A dynamic and exciting CD filled with progressive rock and tasteful orchestrations.

ALSO >>> Look for our Christmas Trilogy NOW AVAILABLE!

Take a journey with Satin Glass!!!
Brad Savage, SATIN GLASS

Artist Instrument Selection:
Steinway, Hammond, Moog MultiMoog, Moog Prodigy, Mellotron, Freeman String Symphonizer, Fender Rhodes, Roland, Korg, Yamaha, Pearl, Paiste, Zildjian, ProMark, Neumann (applicable trademarks represent listed manufacturers)

Brad Savage: Percussion Ensemble, Keyboards, Guitars* and Vocals**

*Jim Greaser: Guitar on Give Me Light (Long Rock Version)
**Alison Bradbury: Vocals on Give Me Light (Pop Version)

Mary Tornetta: Lyrics on "Ingham Spring":


1966-1967 Soulsations ( Bill Buchanan, Lore Bailey, Ken Custer, Bill Fender, Bob Lackenmeyer, Brad Savage)

1968-1969 Watch Tower (Ken Custer, Henry Gennaria, Brad Savage)

1969-1970 Noxious Gas (Ken Custer, Henry Gennaria, Bob Engle, Brad Savage)

1970-1971 Chain Reaction (Joe Brango, Dave Kalil, Ernie Jacob, Jon Marrone, Brad Savage)

1971-1972 Chain Reaction Regroup (Joe Brango, Ernie Jacob, Brad Savage, Wayne Detwiler, Jeff Wienerowicz)

1972-1973 Tension (Lou "Skeeter" Sparano, Joe Tuzzi, Dave Kalil, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Zoe Pruzinowski, Brad Savage)

1973-1974 Tension Regroup (Lou "Skeeter" Sparano, Joe Tuzzi, Dave Kalil, Ernie Jacob, Bob White, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Brad Savage)

1975-1976 Zap (Steve Rosenthal, Kurt Palomaki, Damien Drewicz, Jim Greaser, Brad Savage)

1976-2011 Satin Glass (Brad Savage with featured guests)